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Register Track & Trace

This area of the SCHURTER website is designed to provide order tracking services to our distribution partners. If this is your first time here, please complete the registration form (fields with * are required).

Track & Trace Account (1 account per company)


Please enter the SCHURTER customer number you know so that we can activate the authorization of the requested service for you.

Please enter a secure password to ensure secure access to your information

Please confirm the input of the password by repeated input.


Please enter your email address so we can contact you by email.


Please enter your first name so that we can contact you correctly.

Please enter your user name so that we can assign you the correct access rights when using the service function.

Please enter your company name so that we can create the correct postal address for contacting you and address you as an employee of the company mentioned.

By indicating your job title you help us to prepare better and more specific information for you.

Please enter your telephone number so that we can contact you by phone if we need to clarify anything related to your request.

Please select your country. We use this information for correct postal delivery and to assign our sales representative.

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