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Front Foils

Representative controls for your application.

Representative controls for your application.

Front foils

Front foils - for representative depiction of your machine's controls. Your machinery or equipment works well technically. Unsurprisingly, then, you want it to be operated properly. With the Control Foils from SCHURTER this is something you'll no longer have to worry about.

The Control Foils from SCHURTER will ensure optimum operation of your machinery. What's more, it is important for the front aspect of your machinery to exude the same quality as the technology it contains. Here too SCHURTER can provide you with optimum support. The Front Foils from SCHURTER will ensure that your machinery's front aspect is equally well (re)presented as the technology lurking within.

Benefits of SCHURTER Front Foils

 • Extremely wide array of possible uses

 • Extremely durable

 • Highly suitable for a wide array of applications and environments

 • Front foils from SCHURTER lend your machinery the image it deserves

 • A vast array of different techniques available, and these can be combined

 • Suitable for both small and large print runs

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Keeping up appearances with SCHURTER Front Foils

You'll find Front Foils from SCHURTER in all kinds of applications and industries. We have demonstrated our many years of experience making high-quality Front Foils in the most diverse of markets. From the medical sector to aviation, from the food industry to automation technology. In short, our Control Foils are suitable for all markets, whether or not the job entails specific requirements!

A Front Foil (also referred to as a Control Foil or Display Foil) is in fact the first thing a user of your machine will see. Which is why it's important for this to have a representative appearance and embody high quality and durability. What's more, it's also important for the Front Foil to retain its pristine, factory-fresh appearance after plenty of switching!

Years of experience in high-quality display foils

Our years of experience making Front Foils for scores of applications enable us to fulfil all requirements and specifications. Whether it's about special requirements for the medical sector or for an application in the defence market, we'll have a solution for you.

Materials and Techniques

Excel in terms of diversity with SCHURTER Front Foils

Front Foils from SCHURTER will enable you to use a wide variety of materials and techniques. Everything is possible and nothing is too much. Which is why a Front Foil from SCHURTER is the perfect solution for operating your machinery.

All our Front Foils are customer-specific and are optimized for each product. We generally use polyester, polycarbonate or PVC for Front Foils, though it goes without saying that other materials are possible as well. Of course, the choice of material will depend entirely on the application. Why not allow SCHURTER's specialists to advise you?

Modern Front Foils – modern production processes

Front Foils from SCHURTER are made using the most modern of production processes. In order to get your Front Foils to come into their own, we use a variety of printing techniques, such as full-colour digital printing and screen printing. We also use finishing techniques like structure varnish or half-tone printing to give your Front Foil the ultimate look, thereby guaranteeing you the durability and quality that SCHURTER represents!

Techniques that add value to your Control Foil

In addition to various printing options, there are also other techniques to add value to your Control Foil, such as:

 • Window optimization

 • Dead font effects

 • Use of transparent types of ink

 • Use of inset strips

 • A variety of embossing options Dome embossing, edge embossing, point embossing, and even more besides…

 • Partial doming is possible

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