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Series 5003 Provides Optimal EMI Filtering Performance

Schurter is pleased to announce the new series 5003 DC power entry module for 48 V telecom/datacom and other DC-powered equipment. The new DC module features two different standard connector styles, AMP Universal MATE-N-LOK and Molex HCS-125. The connectors are encased with a single stage filter rated at 3, 6, 10 and 15 A at 125 VDC. The filters provide wide-band attenuation in frequencies ranging from 100 kHz to 30 MHz.

Demand for equipment with faster data, video and voice over Internet transmission speeds at the Business and Consumer Premise pushes demand upstream to Service Providers and eventually to the core Central Office services. This trend toward higher speed and functionality brings with it the challenge of effectively managing potentially harmful electro-magnetic interferences in equipment used throughout these communications systems. While filtered AC power entry modules have become a popular solution for filtering AC power lines, the concept of a DC filtered power entry module for filtering DC power input is relatively new.

The package size of the DC power entry module is mechanically similar to Schurter's AC power entry module. As with the Schurter AC version, the DC version has a metal flange for optimal shielding at the panel opening. It includes versions for front or rear mounting to the chassis. The version for rear mounting allows for pre-wiring of the module before installation and features a quick-mount style that requires only screws, without securing nuts. The combination AC and DC power entry modules, which offers similar design, ratings and packaging provides a novel and complete solution.

The 5003 fulfills the requirements of UL 60950 and is UL and CSA recognized up to 15 A at 125 VDC. Applications include telecom/datacom network routers, LAN switches, WAN switches, multiplexers and other equipment using DC power supplies. Telecom DC power architecture has carried over into other information technology industries where the reliability and increased performance of battery back up systems is preferred over UPS systems. Such industries include television and IPTV equipment for broadcast, cable and satellite services. Other applications include solar powered battery chargers, as well as DC-DC converters for the emerging 42 V automotive standard battery systems.

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