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Robust Vandal-Proof Switch with Latching Action MSM LA

The robust metal switches of the existing MSM product family are now also available with a push-on, push-off latching function. The switch position (ON / OFF) is easy to recognize from the resting position of the actuator. In the OFF state, the actuator position protrudes from the housing; in the ON state, it is depressed into the housing. This provides a user-friendly actuating function and also prevents inadvertent switching, e.g. caused by objects leaning on the switch. The switch is designed with two isolated contacts and may thus be used for single- and two-pole switching solutions. The MSM LA can be used at an operating voltage of 30 VDC up to 250 VAC at a maximum switching current of 12 A. Due to the IP 67 rating the switch is suitable for different fields of application. The switch is available with a mounting diameter of 19 and 22 mm and may be used within a temperature range of -25°C to +85°C. The design of the new MSM LA is the same as that of the existing MSM product line. In addition, the switch is also available with ring illumination. The illumination can be used to display the switch position or may be activated to provide visibility during night-time use. Typical application areas for the switch include industrial automation, the food-processing industry, passenger transportation, medical equipment, measuring devices, info terminals, vending machines and operating units.

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