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SCHURTER AG wins the ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence

The ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence honors outstanding Swiss companies. On March 6, SCHURTER AG received the coveted award for the second time. The prize was presented by Dr. Thomas Troger, president of the ESPRIX foundation, at a gala celebration held at the KKL Congress Center in Lucerne.

Three participations, once presented with honors and two times named the prize winner. These are the impressive results of SCHURTER AG in relation with the ESPRIX Awards. After having been selected for honors in 1998 and then achieving 1st place in 2002, on March 6 SCHURTER AG again had the great pleasure of accepting the ESPRIX Swiss Award of Excellence. “We are proud to receive this award,” says Ralph Müller, CEO of SCHURTER AG. “Candidates are put to the acid test by independent experts. For us, winning it is a great honor.”

Credit should also be given to the company's employees, adds Müller. Participating in the awards program meant considerable extra work for them. “The ESPRIX Award is an excellent demonstration of the entire team's performance,” he states.

Comprehensive management system provides perspective

SCHURTER AG earned the ESPRIX Award with its outstanding quality management system, which follows the model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Serving as a comprehensive control system, EFQM is firmly anchored at SCHURTER. Since introducing it in 1995, the company reviews the existing situation and systematically sets goals whose achievement are then monitored and, in case of deviations, suitable measures are introduced. In this way, the company can be managed in an optimal manner. “Thanks to EFQM we know the DNA of SCHURTER,” explains Müller.

On the moon with SCHURTER fuses

EFQM is currently being used at SCHURTER in particular to identify and take advantage of new opportunities. Besides the traditional strategic business units circuit protection, connectors, switches, EMC products, input systems and electronic manufacturing services, all of which as before form the core of this family-run company, SCHURTER now also offers customer-specific total solutions of a very sophisticated technical nature with its new unit “Solutions”.

That this transition has taken place so successfully at SCHURTER is shown in a most impressive way by the customer-specific product MGA-S. Last December, this SCHURTER fuse for space flight won the Innovation Prize of the Central Switzerland Chamber of Industry and Commerce, one of the oldest innovation prizes in Switzerland. Following upon that success, another true high point was reached shortly after: two days after the awards ceremony, several hundred units of the MGA-S landed on the moon, where they are integrated into the Chinese Chang’e space probe and provide protection against overcurrents.


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