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SCHURTER Inc. Escapes Wrath of Wine Country Wildfires

SCHURTER Inc announced today that its North America headquarter office, located at 447 Aviation Boulevard, is conducting business as usual after having escaped wildfires that bellowed through the Napa and Sonoma Counties last Sunday night and Monday morning. The building located in the airport area of Santa Rosa escaped the brunt of the Tubbs wildfire. Fires continue to burn in the wine country region, although increasingly contained.

Communications were challenged or overwhelmed by the circumstances, but the company’s CEO Leonard Overholser took steps to locate every employee to verify their status and provide additional safety and monetary resources following the major storm. Employees in Vermont, Michigan and South Carolina manned the phones remotely to provide customer support, while other operations were stitched together day by day. The structural and safety integrity of the building was assessed and confirmed as early as Monday. Displaced employees found ways to work remote, while others proceeded accessed the building through side roads. Outbound shipments resumed on Tuesday with some carriers and most all carriers by Wednesday. Inbound freight was delayed, but was on its way to Santa Rosa through San Francisco on Wednesday.

SANTA ROSA - SCHURTER Inc. is on pace to grow its sales ahead of target over prior year. The company is confident, that despite this unprecedented interruption, the business will not lose its focus and keep its sight forward. With perseverance rooted in its company culture, dedicated employees have once again shown tenacity in a time of uncertainty, teamwork during chaos, and commitment to stay the course during a time of adversity.

Management continues to monitor the situation closely, identifying the mandatory and advisory evacuation status of each of its employees.

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