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SCHURTER extends Current Ratings for Industry’s 250 VAC SMD Fuse UMZ 250 from NEW 80 mA up to 4 A

One single product for over-current protection in primary and secondary electric circuits

SCHURTER has extended the current rating of the successful 250 VAC, IEC time-lag sub miniature SMD fuse UMZ 250. This SMD fuse with clip is now available in 18 different current ratings from 80 mA to 4 A.

The UMZ 250 offers time-lag T characteristic according to IEC 60127-4 and is an Universal Modular Fuse (UMF) with rated current values from 80 mA up to 4 A. The approved voltages are 250 VAC and 125 VDC according to IEC and 277 VAC and 250 VDC according to UL. The device provides a high breaking capacity of up to 200 A at rated voltage.

The ultra-small profile allows fast cycling when used with pick & place electronic assemblies. Beyond the benefit of space-saving designs, one single fuse can be used for primary and secondary over-current protection. The target applications are over-current protection for power supplies, storage systems, wireless base station and many other electronic systems, all with the same SMD fuse.

The UMZ 250 is RoHS compliant and carries all main approvals. It is offered in plastic bags and standard reels.

Technical Features:

- Current range: 0.08 A to 4 A

- Rated voltage: 250 VAC und 125 VDC

- Time-lag characteristic according IEC 60127-4

- Breaking capacity of 200A


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