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Simple circuit simulation: SPICE library for common-mode chokes

To assist in the simulation of circuits, SCHURTER now offers SPICE libraries for common-mode chokes on circuit boards.

The new SPICE library contains simulation models for all common-mode chokes on circuit boards up to a rated current of 10 A. Also included are example circuits with which it is possible to examine the operational properties of various chokes before they are actually used in the circuit.

The SPICE models help customers find the best product for their application. With the help of simulation, they can evaluate the behavior of the chokes and also carry out calculations. In modern electronic designs, it is very common to simulate circuits before actually building the hardware. This approach eliminates or reduces the effort needed to build prototypes, which saves time and money.

The library is simply copied into the corresponding directory of the SPICE application. In the circuit diagram of the SPICE application you can select and insert the desired choke from SCHURTER's product line. By clicking the mouse on the component, the desired item number is selected and the simulation is started. In addition, the library contains multiple example circuits for common-mode chokes. This makes it extremely easy to compare the operational properties of various chokes. An analysis of the frequency response and saturation is also possible.

The simulation models have been tested with LTspice but can also be used with other compatible SPICE programs. LTspice is a widely used freeware simulation tool from Linear Technology Corp.



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