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Year end closing of the SCHURTER Group 2010

The SCHURTER Group, active in the electronics industry as a supplier, was able to achieve a strong growth again. The consequences were a distinct increase in orders and therefore also in sales of 28.2% to CHF 193.6 m. As the investments and the capacity increases could not keep up with the economic recovery, a disproportionate increase of the EBIT and Cash Flow ensued.

2010 has begun exceedingly impetuous for the SCHURTER group with its 18 worldwide subsidiaries. The upward trend, which had already begun in the last trimester of 2009, continued without interruption. A slight slowdown on a high level became only apparent in the last days of 2010. The important growth generated new jobs. Abroad there were 227 new jobs created, in Switzerland they remained stable at 500. Aggravating factors were the currency fluctuations which influenced the results negatively – depending on the point of view – with at least CHF 2.5 m.

All three divisions of the SCHURTER group generated a similar growth in sales. However, the profit situation developed differently. Division Components, the biggest and also the division with the biggest sales volume, was at the same time the most profitable. Division Input Systems showed a strong increase in sales and attained a stable Cash Flow. Only the division EMS remained in the red, even though sales nearly doubled.

Profit after taxes of the SCHURTER group amounted to CHF 10.1 m in 2010 (2009: loss of CHF 2.8 m). Cash Flow was at CHF 17.3 m (previous year: CHF 5.9 m), EBIT was at CHF 17.2 m (previous year: CHF 0.2 m).

As a family-owned enterprise with more than 1'600 employees worldwide, it is of utmost importance to us to keep up with innovations in the electronic components field and thus to preserve employment.

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