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20 years of successful business development with the EFQM model

The SCHURTER AG and eight other companies of the SCHURTER Group have used the management model EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) successfully since 1995. The model could contribute immensely to the continuous improvement of the company's development towards Business Excellence.

As early as in 1995, the model was introduced into the corporate structure. In 1998, only three years later, the SCHURTER AG received an award in its first application for the ESPRIX Swiss Award of Excellence. For the second time it entered in 2002, SCHURTER AG proudly received the ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence in the large company category. This success was repeated in 2014 in the same category.

The feedback and results from the participation in the Awards as well as from the annual self-assessments have made SCHURTER AG capable of continuously implementing improvement potential in all areas of the company for the benefit of stakeholders. The corporate culture and the strengths of the organization in the processes could be expanded.

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