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Membrane switches

SCHURTER's Membrane Switches

We have over 40 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality membrane switches. We specialise in customer-specific solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. All of our membrane switches are guaranteed to be reliable in all conditions.

As part of the SCHURTER group, we have state-of-the-art machinery at our disposal and production takes place in a conditioned environment; a clean room. In addition, we work together with partners in Asia for a competitive offer in growing production volumes. We work in accordance with the well-known guidelines such as ISO, ESD, ATEX and Medical.

  • Engineering

    SCHURTER has its own engineering department. We develop and supply membrane switches with or without optical and tactile feedback, in combination with a tailor-made graphic front foil or a silicone mat.

  • Industries

    With our technical expertise and specific industry knowledge, we will find the most suitable solution for your application.

  • Applications

    Membrane switches are essential in a number of specific applications. Especially for standalone machines with a small number of control buttons.

SCHURTER Electronics B.V. in Hardenberg develops and produces control panels for machines. SCHURTER is specialised in solutions for the industrial, medical and agricultural sectors. Approximately 120 professionals work in Hardenberg on various production, engineering and sales processes. SCHURTER Electronics B.V. is part of the Swiss family business SCHURTER, a leading manufacturer of electronic components.


The best membrane switch is one that exactly meets your specifications, has the desired delivery time and is attractively priced. SCHURTER ensures that this switch is achievable. By cleverly working together with partners, including production partners in Asia, we create the best possible design for every application.

  • Fit for Purpose

    Fit for Purpose

    SCHURTER will produce the specific functionality at the best cost by critically assessing the application together with you. This way we ensure that the right construction and materials are chosen.


    Product Life Cycle

    An important part of our engineering is the product life cycle. Ensuring long-term availability and guaranteed reliability are our priorities.

  • Quality_IMG


    We comply with all international quality guidelines and work in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and IATF 16949. The 5s model (Sort, Set in order, Shine/Sweep, Standardize and Sustain/Self-discipline) has been set up at the SCHURTER production sites.

  • Knowledge_IMG

    Construction Knowledge

    SCHURTER is the market leader when it comes to know-how and innovation. We have the knowledge and insight of all available materials worldwide. With our 3D software tools, your product is designed to fit into the housing.

  • Expedition_IMG

    Speed & Capacity

    At our Hardenberg location, we develop prototypes efficiently using our protoshop. Here we have all the expertise, materials and machines available to produce and optimise your product. The advantage: your time constraint introduction planning becomes a reality.

  • Network_IMG


    Within the SCHURTER group we have several areas of expertise. In addition, it is possible to scale up production and work competitively. For example assembly, logistics and arranging sub-assemblies.

Our membrane switches meet the highest industry specifications:


Over the past 80 years, SCHURTER has developed extensive know-how and expertise in various sectors. We are often involved in product development at an early stage, after which we quickly create prototypes. We stand for clear and open communication and offer our customers direct contact points. This way, together we can quickly achieve the best possible result.

Industrial sector

SCHURTER’s membrane switches have been used in a variety of machines for more than 40 years. Our success: for every industrial application we design, we produce a suitable membrane switch at the best price.

Agricultural sector

Your machines must continue to function in all circumstances which puts high demand on our switches. SCHURTER takes responsibility for the life span of the product; from engineering to availability.

Medical sector

We continuously monitor the needs and expectations of the medical industry. We have experience with EMC and ESD and ensure we have the right testing and measuring facilities in-house to test our designs and products.

Design agencies

We combine all the knowledge and expertise of membrane switches to relieve you as a partner for every new project. We have demonstrable references both in the field of engineering and production.


With a fit-for-purpose design and a choice of multiple production options, SCHURTER offers a cost-effective solution for every production volume. From introduction to delivery, we guarantee quality production.


Membrane switches, with their specific properties, are suitable for the following applications:

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Typically, these applications are performed by standalone machines that require limited electrical control. Membrane switches are ideal for operating these standalone applications.

Advantages of SCHURTER’s membrane switches:

 • Are relatively low cost to develop

 • Minimal development time

 • No software and maintenance required

 • High water and dust density possible, for use under extreme conditions

 • Look and feel as desired

 • Various lighting options

 • Long technical and visual lifespan

 • Produced using proven and tested techniques

“SCHURTER Electronics B.V. positions itself as the Centre of Excellence in the field of membrane switches. We continuously strive to have the latest technology and in-depth knowledge available to serve our markets with the best possible solutions.”

Rien Grotenhuis, CEO SCHURTER Electronics B.V.


SCHURTER Electronics B.V.

De Nieuwe Haven 12

7772 BC Hardenberg

The Netherlands

+31 (0)523 281 200


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