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What started in 1933 as a small local business in Lucerne today is a globally active enterprise and a leading partner of the electronics and electrical industries: It is with pride that we at SCHURTER look back on 75 years of success through customer orientation, innovation and the love for our work.

Our once small business has grown into a global group with a workforce of 1,700. What has remained the same is our Lucerne headquarters, where we employ some 370 people. 75 years after the company’s formation, the SCHURTER Group includes 12 manufacturing subsidiaries in Europe, India and China as well as 7 distribution subsidiaries in Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia, the Far East and South America. 40,000 end customers in 60 countries rely on our range of about 5,000 high-quality products.

We owe our international leading position in fuse, connector, circuit breaker and input system manufacturing to innovative as well as target- and market-oriented R&D, to the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and not least to each and every member of our workforce. For 75 years now, they have been your guarantee of SCHURTER’s high product quality and proverbial dedication to service. They are our most important assets. By promoting teamwork and by offering them further education and training opportunities, we will continue sparing no effort to remain an attractive employer to our staff – in Lucerne as well as worldwide.

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